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Update 31.05.2017



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Update 17.04.2017


The release date for our album is 17.05.17!

We can proudly show you the finished artwork for our debut album by our talented guitarist and artist Stig! He does all the artwork, logo design and graphical work for the entire release!

Stay tuned for more details around our release the next following days!

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Update 10.10.2016

Now, it´s finally here!

We proudly presents our single “Conception” which will be a part of our upcoming album in first half of 2017! We have added some pictures to the track from the progress of recording and making it!

Enjoy the track all over the web… Spotify, Tidal, iTune… you name it!

Watch, listen and spread the word!
And of course, tell us what you think!

Watch in HD for best picture and sound!


Infringement is a new up and coming progressive rock band from Oslo.

It all happened in the King’s year 2015. On a cold November evening, at an apartment in Oslo, Norway. Stig Andre Clason, Kristoffer Utby and Hans Andreas Brandal met over good whisky and love of music. Not long after we had rented a rehearsal space. Not long after we were rocking out, inspiration filled and conquest seeking.

But something was missing, an empty void in our musical expression. Queue Espen Larsen who joined spring 2016. He was Tonya Harding to our Nancy Kerrigan, a knee-crackling epiphany.

Now the posse of unlikely heroes are working on their debut album, and are proud to present to you……drumroll…..the first tune of the record……Conception. Available on your local wifi-network.

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