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Hans Andreas Brandal

Hans Andreas Brandal

Hans Andreas is the lead vocalist. He started his career singing in the choir as a small child. Since then he has sung in several choirs, as well as being the lead singer in everything from punk-rock bands to experimental electronical musical projects. He studied music technology at NTNU for three years. He now works at Brygg Selv in Oslo, helping home brewers perfect their beers.

He primarily uses his diaphragm, lungs, throat, tongue and lips. Sometimes assisted by a SM58.

Stig Andre Clason

Stig André Clason

Stig André Clason is the guitarplayer. He has been playing in several different bands in genre metal, rock, progrock. Beside guitarist in Infringemnet he also play guitars in another progrock band called The Windmill.

For the living he work as an architect and do some graphical design work for different Norwegian artists. You can se some of his architectural work on, if you are interested in such things.

The gear he use is mainly two Parker fly guitars, and a customshop Carvin DC400 Anniversary model. In different situastions he uses Mesa/Boogie Transatlantic 30 combo + 1×12 cab with some simple effects, or a Kemper with a Kemper controller.

Kristoffer Utby

Kristoffer Utby

Kristoffer started playing drums at the age of 10. Since then he’s been playing in different bands over the years and he studied music at high school. Kristoffer is currently living in Oslo finishing his degree as a school teacher. Besides that and Infringement Kristoffer takes on jobs as a session drummer for various bands.

He primarily uses Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals and Pearl ICON Rack System.

Espen Larsen

Espen Larsen

Espen Larsen is the bassplayer. He has been playing bassguitar since he was about 11 years old. Family and friends also enjoyed music so he had a growing interest for various kind of music since then, from acoustic to metal.

After tree year with music in university-college, he is now a Oslo based part-time session bassplayer who regularly plays bass in different band-projects and in the church!

He got an american Fender precision bass, a five stringed Sire jazzbass copy and a Dvorak upright bass. He sometimes use Aguilar Agro overdrive and EBS octabass.

Espen Larsen

Mr. X

Our keyboard player is still unknown! The sounds on the tracks just appears out of nothing! Maybe it is you? Pleas drop us a line if you would like to join in to create music with us!

Key sounds to our music will be mellotron, organ, piano, strings and synth leads.

The keys until now is just being set by us, and for the Conception single, Jean Robert Viita joined in to lay down some rock organ on the recording.

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